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My paintings are simple as life itself. I do not complicate or try to be better, I do not create artificial and alien, only that goes right from the heart of full love of creativity, to the world, to people.

Every job tells about my world, about me, about a moment of my interesting family.

I ask you, as a spectator, to just be close by, to try to feel what I tell you through the canvas, to afford the authenticity, naivety and kindness. Because only that can be understood this summer, and that child’s laughter, and all the depth that lies in the ordinary.

I am an artist, a performer, an illustrator, a blogger, a journalist with 12 years of experience.

The mother of two sons, one of which is the horosculpator, and the daughter Uma, who was adopted a year ago (I write about this on my personal Facebook page).

My paintings are stored in private collections in Ukraine, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.
During 2014-2019, since I turned an artistic hobby into life, I had 8 personal exhibitions in Lviv and Kiev.

I became an artist of my canvas, I created myself!

+380 67 775 37 37

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