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My YouTube art-channel

Bartysh Art channel

At times it seems to me that I have not yet discovered my creativity on the gram. That everything is best in me, as an artist, is still sleeping. Although not as firm as it used to be.

My first five years in the artistic world, and so much behind, is not even overthrow. It’s just a touch of the soil, if it does not fail, or if I stand firmly where I stand. This is just a little open door.

8 personal exhibitions in Lviv and Kiev, out of a dozen sold paintings abroad and several in Ukraine, one illustrated book (Olga Freimut Etiquet), two performances “Feel the power of the family” and some more small ones – these and all achievements during this time . But I say, it’s just a germ, only an early spring, only a test.
Well, and all this with a break for two newborns))

I want so much.
I can do so much.
Ideas are booming in me
readiness to experiment
to study

And it’s not scary to fall. Whatever hurts, I’ll go further.

I had a canvas, a little skilful, a home, facebook. So little is what I do now. So little.

Sometimes I deliberately stop. To thank. Myself, my family, the Universe.
And again, step by step, I create one that I see in my imagination.

Once, I will have everything I want through my creativity, thanks to my creativity. And this is incredible happiness. Just think about it)

Here the link  to my YouTube art-channel. Enjoy!


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