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Five crops

All in good time. That’s a great truth in this. If do not despair and continue to silently record even the craziest ideas in the notebook, try to see it at least by the crease of the imagination and let it go to its “time” – then it will happen once again ?. And even better than thought. Because it will happen in the most optimal way possible.

But it’s important to do something in that direction) I shaked a wheat early morning today. By a serpent, with bare feet and with authentic corals on the chest (thanks to “Etnicas“). Then I embroidered wheat in paint and created artworks. 5 crops, 5 paintings.

We did a performance about a relativity of everything in this world. Because everything in relation to something and it is nothing in itself ?. This performance is dedicated a freedom we have. We used 5 crops – the most terrible chains of life that were imposed on a person, on a mother who died hungry for a step to forbidden salvation.?

P.S. To explain this reference see a “Law of Spikelets” in wiki


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