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My newest video “My kids preparing for Easter”

I’m watching this video and remember last year’s Easter. Then Uma was with us a little more than a month and it was a completely different child.

Frightened, focused, did not understand our language and the world at large. She did not watch cartoons, did not play toys, all the time looking for food, did not notice Ivan. And he did not notice her. He – because he was still small, 1,6-year-old. And he could think that “disperse”))

Now they are not spilled water. Love, though it’s hard to come by. All for two, all together. It happens that for hours they only dance together.
And so many rejoices. The video shows which two artists will grow up))

I’m glad we started this YouTube-channel. Otherwise, Konstantin Kolomak did not exactly sit down to the third night and would not mount what he called on the phone)) And so did a cool reminder to us ❤

The kids today have been watching those videos in ten times. Look and laugh again)


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