An olive that gives hope

An olive that gives hope.
For almost the first two months of the quarantine, I did not create any paintings. There was no opportunity and the desire was not particularly manifested. From morning till night with children: clean up, boil, walk, reconcile, read, have fun, talk, etc. It is very good that the younger ones do not have any lessons, and the older one is already used to online learning, so he manages on his own. Yes, my mother’s job is the hardest in the world!
But there were other important internal transformations, so this quarantine was more timely than ever. And it’s been a week since I had a studio. My lair, my island, where it is quiet, light, warm and smells like coffee.
I’m there for a few hours every day. My husband, meanwhile, is accepting a change of supervisor

This olive is my first picture after the break. I didn’t want bright colors, flowers, but only eternal wood that knows all the secrets. Olive is quiet and thoughtful. It gives hope. Fills, awakens to life.
Now I see that it turned out quite symbolically, because according to legend, it was the olive that grew first after the global flood. And the dove brought an olive branch, as a sign of reconciliation and good news
Probably the most life-loving plant on earth, which will endure everything and one day reach for the sky again.
Life goes on, friends!
And it is still beautiful
Canvas, acrylic
90 * 70 cm

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