When I forget about smelling sage

When I suddenly forget about the golden sky, the scent of sage, the unknown rue, all the wonderful things that I just have, just remind me.

Position yourself as a child, look into your eyes so that you can not dare to look away and let go until I remember – who I am and what I do here amid a large field. Until my amnesia dissolves in space, hold my hand firmly.

How sad it is sometimes to forget why I am a Man.

To value those gifts that are under our feet, above our heads, inside, in me, in you, in each of us. Cross it all off with a bold red line – so once and for all, it wasn’t, and start or continue to draw heavy tricks where everything just might be.

Look around. Look how much we have! What treasures are there now! They do not need to be proved, bitten, they are given easily, by birth.

Just take it.

And keep at heart, as the most precious thing he has found.


Acrylic on canvas
100 * 130 cm

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